Two Great CRM Options

Pick your best Max Pro CRM option depending on how much support you need. Both options grant FULL ACCESS to the amazing Max Pro CRM. There are several reasons why you should definitely choose the Premium Support plan if you can!


Both plans include the complete Max Pro CRM & all features

Many CRM companies charge $300/month or more for much less!

Why pay more with other CRM companies when you can get Max Pro CRM with our own proprietary Success Blaster Funnels to bring this powerful CRM to life!

NOTE: Basic Setup for $100 is required for new customers, and provides basic access to emailing, texting, contacts and smart list management, sales pipelines, and automations. For

a Premium Setup option, see the Premium option to the right which includes LCE - Leads & Contacts Explosion package.

Basic Setup will get you started!

NOTE: Premium Support for not much more! First, let's start with a Premium setup on your CRM including an LCE - Leads & Contacts Explosion package, including an expert consultation and free data upload. Then add 50% off private tech support AND 50% off any Success Blaster Funnel for 6 months!

Deluxe Setup includes so much!

Max Pro CRM makes life easy!

Lowest CRM prices on the market!

If you have priced premium CRM subscriptions from other companies, you will notice how amazing our prices are. Furthermore, you won't be dealing with a large 3rd-party support team where you get a different person every time; you'll get US every time, our core team, and we can help you!

Choose your CRM option above, then you can choose your SETUP OPTION starting at just $100 (one-time fee) for our Basic Setup, then or $200 option (one time) for a Premium setup including a deluxe leads and contacts package we call LCE = Leads & Contacts Explosion which can easily pay for the entire setup and subscription many times over!


Finally, we have a deluxe training course, private sessions just for YOU, including our Premium Setup above (include the LCE leads package), with 10 hourly sessions plus 3 (yes, three) $397 funnels included for no additional charge! That's $1,000 but it includes everything you need to succeed!


and so many more subscriptions. SAVE BIG!

(CRM = Customer Relationship Management software)

Max Pro CRM

  • Unlimited Sales Funnel capability, unlimited Website capability, SEO optimization, and hosting included!

  • Grow your customer/client list with AI-driven email & text campaigns, include AI-driven answers to client questions!

  • Create invoices, create Shopping Cars, Track sales, Track all customer activity, make more money!

  • Build relationships & brand loyalty, increase your profits!

  • Include video marketing, video hosting included!

  • Build a thriving community with membership courses!

  • One setup option includes a done-for-you Calendar-Booking funnel!

Everything you need in one place!

Emailing, Texting, Website & Funnel builder (includes hosting!), video marketing, calendar/booking system, shopping carts & billing, membership & e-courses, social media posting, and more!

Grow your recurring profits each and every month.

It's every business owner's dream!

Choose your best option and get started!

Remember that both plans are the same price in Month 1.

Change plans at any time!

Why not start with Premium Support the first month and get extra help while you are getting all of your basic systems put into place?