What is the Max Pro CRM?

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Max Pro CRM makes life easy!


The Short Answer?

Technology Made Easy - so YOU can live your life!

Technology makes the difference!

Technology can be confusing, but like driving, it's a lot harder to walk 100 miles than to drive. You don't need to be a mechanic to drive a car, and you don't need to be a Tech Nerd to drive this beautiful Money Machine for your own business!

The CRM has all of core business systems, but with other

Max technologies, easily add video, mobile, and more!

Let us suggest the right Tech Stack for your business, then

we'll create the machine and just give you the key!

We suggest you start with:

  • Max Pro CRM - for websites, funnels and landing pages, emails, texting, and more!

  • MaxR App - to quickly and simply Go Mobile with your business, free digital business card included (coming soon).

  • Videos - we can suggest free and low-cost software to make your own simple videos to add to your CRM-hosted websites and funnels. Get attention! Stay ahead of your competition!

  • Productivity - want to ramp up your own productivity? Monitor a VA to help them with their CRM-related tasks to help you succeed at a higher level? We can recommend the best software available which works perfectly with Max Pro CRM.

NOTE to DIY folks:

If you're a Do-It-Yourself person and really want to change the oil and the spark plugs, we can help you there too!

Don't change the oil. Just drive the car!

Where you can be when your Tech

is MAX technology!

Max Pro Basic is only $89 a month. Our Premium Support option is $129 a month, and comes with tons of extra support - Live Support Sessions, Phone Support, Lower Tech Session prices (when you need special help), and 50% off of any Success Blaster Funnel for your first 6 months!

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What is a CRM?

CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management."

Basically, a CRM is an All-in-One Business Toolbox that lets you

generate leads, gain and retain clients, and run your business.

When managed correctly, a CRM helps deliver high-quality customer care

(and relationships) in an automated way, when you are not personally available.

You've seen a CRM at work every time you check email.

Now you can have that kind of power for your own business.

Unfortunately, many "CRM's" are not all-in-one solutions, but come with multiple login's, complexity, and high expense. You just want to pull your hair out!


Your Typical High-Priced

Software Collection

With Max Pro CRM, you can replace all of these

for $7 a month! (first month), then $2 - $3 a day after that.

Pay a little more and get our PREMIUM SUPPORT package

with live tech sessions 2x weekly, huge discounts on private coaching, and more!


What happens if I get stuck or need help?

Professional Support

  • Private on-boarding for both plans.

  • Priority group support for Premium plan

  • with How-to videos and documents

  • Email, text, and phone support available

  • Funnels built for you, only $297 normal prices!

  • Websites built for you, starting at $697!


On our Premium Support plan, you can attend our LIVE Group Support sessions on Zoom 2x weekly. We start with Tech And Learn 15-minute lessons by a CRM expert, followed by QNA. Come and go as you like. Second, even if you don't have a question, you can attend and learn from the issues or questions that others have. We also give you HUGE DISCOUNTS on private Zoom support if you need it with our Premium plan. And this is less than most companies charge for simple CRM access. Let us support you at a higher level for much less money!

Have Questions? Let's connect on Tech And Learn sessions!